~~I have been studying with Catherine for too many years to count and have been enriched tremendously in the process. Catherine approaches each session, and each person in it, with tremendous thought, care and love to create a highly personalized experience. I leave class feeling emotionally centered and refreshed. She welcomes all who are interested, regardless of previous experience or physical ability. Pat L.

~~When a friend recommended Heart and Soul Yoga, I told myself I didn't have time to drive all the way to La Mesa after work in rush hour traffic to pay money to do ... what? do Yoga? No, I'll find something closer, cheaper, at a better time. So I tried closer, not that much cheaper and at a different time. I never stuck with any of it. Then my friend reminded me of Heart and Soul Yoga and I tried it and can't live without it now. It's been three years since I started going to Catherine's Svaroopa yoga classes. I LOVE it. She is a wonderfully articulate and observant teacher. She gives instructions I can understand and follow. She fine tunes positions for my maximum benefit. Nothing is pushed or rushed or forced. Her classes are a mental and emotional oasis in the midst of a chaotic day. I can enter the yoga room with my mind racing, tense from work frustrations and within minutes become calm and restful. My mind is as stretched and opened as my body. I whole heartedly recommend Heart and Soul Yoga. You'll love it!

Barbara M.

~~As soon as you walk into Heart and Soul, you get a calming feeling. The sights and smells are a joy to the senses. It’s a place you just want to stay awhile and soak up the energy. I thoroughly enjoy my Yoga classes with Catherine, her class is like being on a mini vacation; you feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed! The Crystal Bowl sessions are also a real treat! Heart and Soul is such a wonderful experience, no matter which class or service you choose! Catherine is an amazing healer, teacher and person! I always leave feeling peaceful, happy and looking forward to next time! Namaste!

Elyse C.

~~I first started yoga classes with Catherine during a time I was seeing the chiropractor every week for pain. After beginning her classes I found I did not need to see the doctor every week – in fact, I haven't been back since! Her classes are an important part of the "balance" in my life, and my weekly class is a highlight of my week.

Kim J.

~~Approximately six years ago, I changed employers in an attempt to alleviate much of the negative stress that was in my (then) current lifestyle. My hope was to become more in tune with myself, to become more centered or balanced, and to enable myself to live more in the moment. In doing so, I reached back to a time in my twenties, when I took Hatha Yoga from several different instructors ranging from at the local Adult Education facility to a wonderful experience taking Yoga from an instructor from Indian. That early training through what were still formative years served as a prototype as to what state of mind and of bliss that can be achieved through Yoga. Fast forward to six years ago, and my search for the most beneficial type of Yoga, plus where I might avail myself of classes. My opinion is that both are essential, in that you need to reach the person, which requires a fit between the setting and the type of Yoga being taught.

I did research and contacted several Yoga Studios before finding Heart & Soul Yoga and Healing Arts Center. Heart & Soul permitted me to remove much of the negative stress that I was constantly buffeted with, and permitted me to quiet myself. Only through that quieting and slowing down can I reach the type of balance that I know is needed for my own good health. To me, the analogy is the sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems nervous systems, and how the current world doesn’t permit us to slow down enough, so we actually learn to live in an unhealthy high adrenaline pace, forgetting how to slow down to what should be. Our actual biological systems may no longer work properly, resulting in the many physical & psychological ailments and illnesses that modern day humans are exposed to. This is just a theory that I have heard, but it does seem to fit modern life.

After a Yoga class at Heart and Soul, I feel more at peace, more relaxed, more confident in an internal way, more centered, more giving and more understanding…in essence, more in a state of bliss. I’ve taken Yoga classes for the past 6 years (on and off) at Heart & Soul, and I recommend them not only for the opportunity that they give to the participant but to actively and passively support our own healing, but for the gentle and caring atmosphere that is Heart & Soul. When communicating with Heart & Soul, the salutation ‘Namaste’ is truly meaningful.

Penelope D.

~~Attending a yoga class with Catherine Rose is like going to a 5 star hotel. It is pure bliss. It is an opportunity to go within and listen to your body. It is a time when every cell of your being can relax and forget about the concerns of the day. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene. Catherine guides the class by providing verbal and visual descriptions of each pose. The movements are slow and fluid. When needed, she provides props and adjustments to assure her clients perform the poses correctly. Catherine's classes are small, no more than 7 people. Length of each class is 1 – 1 ½ hrs. First and foremost, Catherine is a healer. Along with yoga she is well versed in the healing powers of Reiki, Thai massage and the Oneness Blessing. Make one of your New Year's resolutions to attend a 6 week series of yoga classes with Catherine. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Carol Y.

~~I've been taking yoga at Heart & Soul for 8 years. The stretching, breathing, and relaxation techniques relieve the stress and neck and back pain from long hours spent in front of a computer. This is a gentle yoga that can be done by anyone of any age. Highly recommended.

Barb C.

~~The perfect yoga teacher is here and living amongst us! Her name is Catherine Rose. Her meticulous attention to detail, with every student, leaves me in awe. It is mind boggling how she knows that your foot, arm, head, etc. needs to move just one to two inches to get the most out of each pose. Her precision to breathing benefits us all, long after we’ve left her studio. Her meditative voice is intoxicating. It’s as if any worries of the day are not allowed into this sacred place. Catherine’s hypnotic tone gently engulfs your mind and you willingly surrender to a welcoming calm. I have searched for several years for the “perfect” yoga class, one that is peaceful, serene, loving and still offers deep poses and gentle stretches. I am so grateful I found Heart and Soul, a small intimate yoga studio giving me all I’ve wanted and much more. I travel from Point Loma to La Mesa because I want the best and it’s well worth it.

Polly T.

~~I do yoga on my own several times per week, but classes with Catherine at Heart & Soul Yoga seem to reach deeper. I worked with several yoga studios before finding Catherine and have continued to treat myself to her classes for years. Her gentle guidance and supportive poses help me maintain a health mind, body and spirit.

Monica H.